Whos dating who in wwe 2016

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But I really liked it, because I understood the maths: not only could you sell the old property and get a commission that way, but you'd also sell five or six flats on the way out."Nowadays, Cowell's interests stretch beyond property.

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"He thought I should get a job in an office, and it happened to be an estate agency. I started as the office boy, and my mother's training of making tea and coffee and generally making myself useful was the best training I could have had.He recently completed a 2,500-mile road-trip across America on his Harley-Davidson, and in December announced he was planning a motorcycle business with biker/actor Charley Boorman."We want to build and design bikes, and have a café-restaurant for bikers," he explains."We've got a fair amount of property," he says, "but it's tied up in various joint ventures, so I don't look at it in terms of 'I've got 20 houses'."For his 50th birthday last year, he threw a James Bond-themed party with his best friend, businessman Maurice Veronique.Westlife provided the entertainment and Simon made a speech.

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