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They say super mean stuff to a friend they think is terminally ill, which is traumatic for all parties involved. - [Narrator] Whoops bet you didn't see that one coming Zack.Then Zack casually reveals Slater's prize trophy's been stolen. Slater asks why she wants to go and Kelly says Zack told her he's dying.But it was his mustache, similar to that of Ron Burgundy's, that was his most striking feature for the evening.

Having adequately terrified the gang into believing Slater is on his deathbed, they go along with Zack's plan to treat him like dog shit so he'll want to move to Hawaii.Slater shows up with a real trophy for winning a wrestling championship, stealing Zack's thunder and finally giving Kelly a suitor worthy of her Kelly hugs. Just kidding, he turns into a total fucking psycho.After a trophy ceremony, where Zack puts his dumb ribbon in the trash where it belongs, Zack meets Slater's father in the hall. That idea, cramming his best friend into the principal's filing cabinet to eavesdrop on a private conversation so he can maybe use that information for personal gain.Slater reveals he wasn't sick and was playing along to teach Zack a lesson, but because he was forced to stoop to Zack's level, the friends he picked over Hawaii are disgusted and turn backs on him.Slater shows remorse, but Zack assures him it's fine and they'll get over it.

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