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We demand accountability of powerful individuals and institutions. ) What’s puzzling is why that capacity for outrage and demand for accountability doesn’t extend to our now well-established penchant for waging war across much of the planet.

In no way would I wish to minimize the pain, suffering, and humiliation of the women preyed upon by the various reprobates now getting their belated comeuppance.

We also know -- -- that, in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, U. forces have been unable to accomplish their assigned mission, despite more than 16 years of fighting in the former and more than a decade in the latter.

It’s not exactly a good news story, to put it mildly.

Nor have those costly military efforts eliminated “terrorism,” as President George W. Instead, our wars have sown disorder and instability, creating failing or failed states across the Greater Middle East and Africa.

In their wake have sprung up ever more, not fewer, jihadist groups, while acts of terror are soaring globally. It discomfits me to reiterate this mournful litany of truths.

What Trump’s generals want a gullible public (and astonishingly gullible and inattentive members of Congress) to believe is that this time they’ve somehow devised a formula for getting it right.

Although that MOAB made a big boom, no offer of enemy surrender materialized. In year XVII of America’s Afghanistan War, the hope is that training, equipping, advising, and motivating Afghans to assume responsibility for defending their country may someday allow American forces and their coalition partners to depart. And under the circumstances, consider that a mere down payment. Officers no less capable than Nicholson himself, David Petraeus and Stanley Mc Chrystal among them, didn’t get it done. In essence, the “new strategy” devised by Trump’s generals, Secretary of Defense Mattis and Nicholson among them, amounts to this: persist a tad longer with a tad more. The Mattis/Nicholson plan also envisions an increasing number of air strikes, signaled by the recent use of B-52s to attack illicit Taliban “drug labs,” a scenario that Stanley Kubrick himself would have been hard-pressed to imagine.

None of the perpetrators are charged with having committed murder. Compare their culpability to that of the high-ranking officials who have presided over or promoted this country’s various military misadventures of the present century.

Those wars have, of course, resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and will ultimately cost American taxpayers many trillions of dollars. Bush told us that, through war, the United States would spread freedom and democracy.

Throw in various jocks, maestros, senior military officers, members of the professoriate and you end up with quite a list.

Yet in virtually all such cases, the alleged transgressions were treated as instances of individual misconduct, egregious perhaps but possessing at best transitory political resonance. As far as male sexual hijinks are concerned, we might compare Weinstein’s epic fall from grace to the stock market crash of 1929: one week it’s the anything-goes Roaring Twenties, the next we’re smack dab in a Great Depression. Up here in Massachusetts where I live, we’ve spent the past year marking John F. If Kennedy were still around to join in the festivities, it would be as a Class A sex offender.

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