Uganda free sex network chart

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The environmental impact of disposable diapers is heavy, but we are adults much longer than we are children.

People who envision having a baby often forget that they are creating an entirely new human being who will leave in a few years as an adult.

It’s sad to imagine there being no more of any of them.

If sex is an urge to procreate, then hunger’s an urge to defecate.

Culturally-induced desires can be so strong that they seem to be biological, but no evolutionary mechanism for an instinct to breed exists.

It’s “those stupid, slack-jawed degenerates who shouldn’t breed.

Those too poor to raise children, or so warped they don’t even like children and might abuse them.” Certainly, this logic follows, “bad genetic specimens should never duplicate their defects.” Implicit in these opinions is the attitude that some people are the right people to pass along their genes.

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