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KG is now offering packaging made from biomass-balanced Styropor®.

The Styropor MB used is the first EPS to be produced using BASF’s biomass balance approach.

We provide systems and services for printing of biologicals and chemicals for diagnostics, veterinary, plant and food analytics and research.

Our dispensers allow for contact-free accurate and precise drop deposition in the pico- to nanoliters range.

BASF has launched CORPUS, the magazine devoted to architecture, infrastructure and high-performance insulation materials, in a new version for the internet.

As of now, all content is freely available via the company website.

You won't find any German mooks outside of World War II.

Germany had to stop being (the land of thinkers and poets) and become the land of scientists and soldiers.

Following special balancing, the certified method can be used to replace the fossil resources needed to manufacture Styropor entirely with renewable resources right at the start of the production process.

The digital economy is forecasted to account for 25% of the global economy by 2025 with an estimated 0 trillion of value generated over the next decade.

"The ideal of creating a new man after the bloodletting of the trenches stemmed from the belief that this sort of war had produced a new type of individual [...] Amoral, cool, functional, and hardened, he could withstand the ultimate test of battle without his nerves cracking.

[...] Matter-of-factness thus marked the new man, who replaced the romantic relics of a failed bourgeois age with the image of mechanical precision."Germans come in a wide variety of stereotypes.

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