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Devi’s husband, Dhaneshwar Ganju, said, “I was in Ranchi and returned late on Monday night. On Tuesday morning an FIR was lodged and Devi was rescued.” Dhaneshwar, a tiller, said that Devi would have been killed had he not reached on time. They blame us for everything.” “Devi’s brothers-in-law, Mahesh Ganju and Ganesh Ganju, have been arrested under the Prevention of Witch Practices Act and for assault,” said Ormanjhi station-in-charge Sanjay Kumar.Jila Parsihad chairperson Sundari Tirkey said that Devi is lucky to have survived such an incident.They have separate sleeping beds, different clothes and different utensils for eating.

However, the story would not have been this simple for the women of Today, especially without the high quality sanitary napkins with high absorbance that allow us women to stay comfortable for longer hours.I sat on faeces as they poured urine in my mouth,” added Devi, who remained locked till she was rescued on Tuesday.Family members held Devi’s witchcraft responsible for the death of six buffaloes in 10 months, said Ormanjhi police.He also advocated athleticism including distance running, swimming, and weightlifting.He organized marathons and other races, and was an active runner and, following a knee injury, weightlifter.

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