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He’s really intuitive – he has almost female radar in that sense! We had to shoot a number of sex scenes, and that can be a little weird when you’ve just started dating.” The couple have plans to make another film together. Anyway in my experience you can never foresee what is going to happen. I don’t feel that I have to surrender to everything. Smoke and Ochre, a biopic of Afrikaans poet Ingrid Jonker, will also star Rutger Hauer. “You know, I don’t really think particularly about the future,” admits van Houten. In fact, the most famous actress in Holland is decidedly grim-faced as she sits in the salt-white foyer of an Amsterdam hotel recalling her least favourite day on Black Book.Basic Instinct-director Paul Verhoeven’s mesmerising 2007 return-to-form made van Houten a megastar in Holland and put her squarely on the international radar. “They used this weird mixture of potato powder and peanut butter and some sort of greasy cookie as a substitute, but it smelt so sweet, at the end of the day I was screaming for the real thing!

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She’s been dating The Lives Of Others star Sebastian Koch since he played her on-screen lover in Black Book.And I think I completely fell in love with him immediately. But he said that when we first met, I played very hard to get. ’” She has no plans to up sticks permanently and go west to seek her fortune, then? The Dutch are a little different, I don’t get hassled or anything.It was if I didn’t care at all, so that it made it really obvious. I can’t see any drawbacks…” She smiles; a sweet smile.Since working with Verhoeven – who, when asked recently to compare her work with that of Sharon Stone, announced that “Carice can really act” – van Houten has made a string of high-profile movies.Her role in Leonardo Di Caprio-starrer Body Of Lies may have ended up on the cutting-room floor, but van Houten can still be seen in Dorothy Mills, an Irish child-killer thriller to be released in the new year; From Time to Time with Maggie Smith, directed by Julian Fellowes; and scifi suspense Repossession Mambo, in which she plays Jude Law’s wife.

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