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FACTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Planning Your Trip 41; Suggested Tours of India 41; How to Go?43; Travel Agents Promoting Tours to India 44; Credit Travel 46; Roughing It 46; When to Go?Baked or Fried Breads 204; Desserts Galore 205; Eating with Your Fingers 206; Refreshments 206; Regional Cooking 207.HUNTING, FISHING AND HIKING— With Gun and Rod Across the Country 209 Practical Information for Hunting: 212; The I^rd of Indian Rivers 214; Sea and Estuary Fishing 215; Practical Information for Fishing 215.330; lietela and Other Accommodations viii TABLE OF CONTENTS 331; Restaurants 332; Hiking 332; Shikar and Fishing 332; Useful Addresses 332.

Western concepts of administration were severely preserved by admitting Indian civil servants to the upper echelons only very slowly.Exploring the Fort Country 408; A Detour to Matheran 409; The Karle and Bhaje Caves 413; Poona 413; Destination Mfdiabaleshwar 415; Old Mahabaleshwar and Pratagarh Fort 417.THE ELLORA AND AJANTA CAVES— Union of Sacred and Secular Art 419 Plans of Ellora Cavearty— was founded in 1885 by a retired 21 INDIA English civil servant in India, Alan Hume.88; A Massive Democracy 91; On the March 94; The Human Touch 96.THE INDIAN WAY OF LIFE — ^Mysterious or Comprehen- sible?

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