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If your date has any issue with this and gets angry or cancels your plans at the last minute then this is a huge indicator that they may not be legitimate.If they don’t respect your need to be cautious, then move on.

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Years after her worst suspicions were first confirmed, Michelle finally decided to move out.And NEVER give money if it is asked for – even if they seem like a genuine person.Scam artists are exceptionally good at seeming like really nice people who just happen to need a few hundred dollars for some emergency! Next week, I’ll talk about a few other things to be wary of, but the important thing to remember is that the overwhelming majority of people that you’ll encounter are there for the same reasons as you!She said she didn't want to break up her family, but had to do something. It's like someone takes away your life the first time you find that out.In 2013, shortly after her separation from her husband became official, she began getting disturbing messages from strangers propositioning her for sex. You feel worthless." Michelle's ex-husband has vehemently denied creating the post.

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