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“I talk a lot about spirituality and aboriginal spirituality, all these wonderful things that I've used as tools in my own personal recovery.” Fleury has become a well-known advocate for mental health, after struggling with alcohol and gambling addictions during his pro hockey career.

He's also been a vocal supporter of sexual abuse victims, which he is himself, as detailed in his novel Playing with Fire: The Theo Fleury Story.

Those cards above are from that 1999-2000 season when I met him. James got a lenient jail sentence, when his first accuser, Sheldon Kennedy brought James to light.

Remember, this was a time before e Bay, he could see my friends and I were collecting his autograph for our personal collection, and not selling it. Fleury recaps what happened with him with James, his times with Sheldon and everything in between.

So Fleury probably won’t be impressed that I first found out about him by playing video games on the Sega Genesis at 8 or 9 years old.

We realized that Theo was a superstar through highlights and All-Star Games.

The film utilizes archival footage and interviews with friends and ex-teammates to shed light on his personal life and troubled childhood.

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It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that Fleury would break out as a bonafide league-wide superstar.

There were several themes in Fleury’s autobiography, away from all the alcohol, drugs and sex stories.

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