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Once she trusts you she will do anything that you ask.She is unbroken but leads well in a dually (can be strong without, when excited) and is good having her feet trimmed and being wormed. She seems to know when someone is trying to help her and will also stand stock still for vaccinations (up to date with Flu and Tet). She enjoys nothing more than a good groom and a pamper, although is still a bit wary of the hose!She has seen the dentist every year since she came to me, and she is fine as long as treatment occurs in bitesized portions, for example a couple of minutes rasping and then if she needs it, a 30 second breather. I have tacked Polly up in the past, and she has even tried a bit and was in fact fine just standing there, we didn't get as far as using pressure etc.She has a very sensitive belly area and can squeal and kick out if she is feeling particularly marish!

She comes in or is rugged up fully during torrential weather as we have no shelter in our mountain fields and she does tend to feel it.Polly is for either permanent loan, or to be signed over at this stage.She is booked in to be trained in August and due to the cost of this I would probably be looking to sell her rather than sign her over after this point in time, but the price would be negotiable.She has potential talent as a jumper or endurance horse but can turn her hoof to anything.She is being ridden both alone and in company, where she has proven to be a tad marish but this is diminishing with work as her confidence increases.

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