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Please note, however, that SPN does not endorse the content or quality of studies that appear below.Any use of SPN pages, feeds, or derivative services indicates acceptance of the SPN User Policy.What do we mean by gender inequality, why did it arise across the globe, what roles do sexuality and violence play, how is gender inequality related to economic and political organization, how is gender inequality experienced and sustained in ordinary interactions, and so on.The core materials focus on the most important works and ideas offering analytical insight into these questions.Each week we will all look at some common readings.

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The topics below address key analytical questions facing any serious effort to understand and explain gender inequality.

Explore more than 20,000 RAND publications, most of which are available as free e Book downloads, dating back to 1946.

Note: – This "page" serves to provide both an extended reading list on gender inequality and the syllabus for a graduate course based on the core of this extended reading list (well over 200 articles are included below).

They have been selected because they have been highly influential or provide critical insight. In this class, each week's activities will be organized around an analytical task, as well as a set of readings.

Each weekly analytical task addresses a problem about gender inequality related to topic that week, building on the materials we read (in brief papers of 2-3 pages).

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