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Hays) had no power to enforce it—this is known as the “pre-code” era.But in 1934, the Motion Picture Association of America refused to produce, distribute, or exhibit films that didn’t meet the code’s requirements, thereby turning the code’s guidelines into hard-and-fast rules.

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Lesbian lives and lesbian relationships barely exist on paper, and it’s with that in mind and understanding the meaning and the power of history that we begin to want to change history.” , a movie released in 1994 about Max, a young lesbian whose friends set her up with Ely, who isn’t her usual type.Further Reading: EW’s review Ranking on 2010 Poll: 19 Starring: Daryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood, Rodney Chester, Christian Vincent, Doug Spearman Summary: A movie sequel to the Logo series.After various complications, lead character Noah ties the knot with longtime boyfriend Wade.Several factors may have weighed into this outcome.First, it’s very likely that the ultimate winner (a great little indie film) has passionate fans who made a concerted effort to get out the vote.

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