Mandating hpv vaccination what are the arguments

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The thing to know about Camenker is that he was radicalized on this issue because of what happened in the Massachusetts school system.In 1992 his neighbor showed him a teaching guide from the public school that depicted information about gross homosexual behavior.When he showed a picture of two brothers, no more than boys, with one of them dressed as a girl, jaws dropped all over the room.Besides what happens in schools, Camenker says the medical evidence about homosexuality is very powerful but left unused by the national groups.Camenker describes the well-funded and well-planned assault by LGBT activists including skilled attorneys, shrewd judge shopping, emotionally compelling legal arguments, a media juggernaut, training judges, and psychological manipulation.Even so, he says this could have been overcome except for “the terrible incompetence of the lawyers on our side.” He says our lawyers put on weak defenses, with hardly any witnesses and used arguments that tended to go no further than “this is not about homosexuality but that children need both a mother and a father.” He says these “soft arguments” would have no effect, and they didn’t.I am not a legal expert and therefore cannot comment on whether these arguments would have been allowed in a court of law.They certainly would have advanced the claim of the other side that it is “animus” that compels our opposition. Where I think Camenker is right but perhaps too late is in the court of public opinion.

For many of us, the death of our dear colleague and friend, Dan Olmsted, has saddened many a day since.....

Besides soft arguments, most people don’t know that the lead witness for our side in the Prop 8 trial—David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values—actually said on the stand that America would be better on the day after we allowed for gay marriage. No surprise not long after that Blankenhorn formally joined the movement for homosexual “marriage.” As he went out the door he said he was leaving because our side was mean—this after we adopted his softer messaging strategy.

Not enough people on our side know that the lead attorney in the Prop 8 case, Charles Cooper, was not on our side either.

So vast and interconnected are the health risks associated with gay sex—disease, drug/alcohol abuse, neuroses, violence—that researcher Dale O’Leary says the medical community refers to it not as an epidemic or even a pandemic, but something most of us have never even heard of—a syndemic.

Camenker believes the mother and father arguments don’t convince anyone and the reliance on them demonstrates that pro-family leaders have fallen for human respect.

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