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Stolz Susan Sarandon - Melanie Bruwer Marlon Brando - Ian Mc Kenzie Janet Suzman - Susan du Toit Leonard Maguire - Mr.Bruwer Rowen Elmes - Johan du Toit Gerard Thoolen - Colonel Viljoen Stella Dickin - Susan's Mother David de Keyser - Susan's Father Andrew Whaley - Chris John Kani - Julius Sophie Mgcina - Margaret Bekhithemba Mpofu - Jonathan Tinashe Makoni - Robert Precious Thiri - Wellington Richard Wilson - Cloete Derek Hanekom - Viviers Michael Gambon - Magistrate Paul Brooke - Dr.It seems the website features a sexy woman offering kinky fun to those who enter her domain, but clicking the wrong icon takes users on a journey into fear.Reilly decides the only way to find out the truth is to head into the website and find out what follows for the next two days if he can make it out alive.Fear dot com also stars Stephen Rea, Jeffrey Combs, and Udo Kier.  William Malone - Director Limor Diamant - Producer Moshe Diamant - Producer / Story Author Josephine Coyle - Screenwriter Christian Sebaldt - Cinematographer Stuart Balcomb - Musical Arrangement Nicholas Pike - Composer (Music Score) Alan Strachan - Editor Jerome Latour Burckhardt - Production Designer Frank Godt - Art Director Makus Wollersheim - Art Director Jan Fantl - Co-producer Rudy Cohen - Executive Producer Mark Damon - Executive Producer Frank Hbner - Executive Producer Elie Samaha - Executive Producer David Saunders - Executive Producer Romain Schroeder - Executive Producer Andrew Stevens - Executive Producer Mona Kino - Set Designer Michaela Quast - Set Designer Nick Adams - Sound/Sound Designer Carlo Thoss - Sound/Sound Designer Vanessa Baker - ADR Voice Casting Reinhold Broil - Construction Foreman Alain Cadieux - Swing Gang Cinesite - Visual Effects Helen Coker - Third Assistant Director Jake Corbett - Second Assistant Camera Maurizo Cremisini - First Assistant Camera Daniele Dionisi - First Assistant Camera Brenden Donnison - ADR Voice Casting Martin Evans - Supervising Sound Editor Eric Jean Francois - Cable Person Michel Gauthier - Swing Gang Alain Horper - Electrician Hypnosis - Visual Effects Daryl Jordan - Visual Effects Editor Deborah Judah - Runner Saesa Kiyokawa - Third Assistant Director Heimfried Kober - First Assistant Camera Kurtzman, Nicotero & Berger EFX Group - Makeup Special Effects Joelie Marchand - Production Secretary Tim Mc Govern - Visual Effects Supervisor Media Cube Studios - Visual Effects Nadia Meidi - Production Secretary Jens Muller - Swing Gang Netinho Ornei Nunes - Greensman Yves Ouimet - Generator Operator Sebasten Pelland - Third Assistant Director Thomas Piepenbring - Second Unit Director Jim Probyn - Third Assistant Director QIX - Visual Effects Renata Siegl - Negative Cutter Uwe Stechhan - Swing Gang Olafu Stefansson - Third Assistant Director Sandra Steir - Negative Cutter Christopher Taylor - First Assistant Camera Theo Theodorides - Second Assistant Camera Alessandro Tibiletti - Visual Effects Supervisor Emiliano Topai - Second Assistant Camera Marco Tremblay - Swing Gang Ann-Kristen Wecker - Clapper Loader Harry Wiessenhaan - Special Effects Supervisor Cast: Stephen Dorff - Mike Reilly Natascha Mc Elhone - Terry Houston Stephen Rea - Alistair Pratt Udo Kier - Polidori Amelia Curtis - Denise Jeffrey Combs - Styles Nigel Terry - Turnbull Gesine Cukrowski - Jeannine Michael Sarrazin - Frank Bryant Jana Guttgemanns - Little Girl Anna Thalbach - Kate Derek Kueter - Officer #1 Mascha Litterscheid - Nurse #2 Lex Kreps - Tenant Anjelika Khromova - Ashley's Mother Dean Gregory - Maintenance Man #1 Anja Van Greuningen - Ashley Isabelle Van Waes - Victim Joan Mc Bride - Mrs.Richardson Frances Potasnik - Nurse #1 Arnita Swanson - Barlow Astrid Skuyat - Alistair's Victim Birthe Wolter - Nina Blank Evie Garratt - Albino Woman Elizabeth Mc Kechnie - Alice Turnbull Gordon Peters - Rooney Sigal Diamant - Nurse Emma Campbell - Goth-Chick Siobhan Flynn - Thana Brinkman Chris Bearne - Warehouse Attendant Nils Brunkhorst - Prisoner Kwasi Songui - Young Detective Matthias Schweighofer - Dieter Schrader Sven Pippig - Henry A szraz fehr vszak idejn Dl-Afrikban egy fehr iskolai tant az egyttrzs s az igazsg embernek gondolja magt, s erre is trekszik, legalbb is egyni szinten.Schoolteacher Ben du Toit (Donald Sutherland) has been insulated all his life from the horrors of apartheid in his native South Africa. When the son of his black gardener is arrested and beaten as a result of a schoolboy protest in Soweto, at first he imagines the police must have had their reasons.However, the boy is picked up again, and this time he doesn't come back.

But, ironically, Paul is the better fly fisherman and in this way attains a sense of perfection. Lynda Christian (Meilani Paul), is a scientist specializing in virus research.2002Columbia Pictures / MDP Worldwide / Warner Brothers Apollo Media / Fear.Com Productions / Film Fund Luxembourg / MDP Worldwide Entertainment / The Carousel Picture Co. Rvid idn bell ngy hullt tallnak New Yorkban; az ldozatok hasonl, rejtlyes krlmnyek kztt halhattak meg: szemk vres, arcukon pni flelem.The film also details the Mac Lean boys' involvement with a colorful group of town's people including a young Indian woman Paul decides to date and the defiant Jessie (Emily Lloyd), whom Norman later marries.  Robert Redford - Director / Producer Patrick Markey - Producer Richard Friedenberg - Screenwriter William Hjortsberg - Screenwriter Norman Mac Lean - Story Author Norman Maclean - Story Author Philippe Rousselot - Cinematographer Mark Isham - Composer (Music Score) Robert L. Lynda, on a high security assignment with the government, is travelling from Russia to the United States via a U. Navy submarine; she and Matt have had a serious argument, and in hopes of patching things up, Matt arranges to come back to America on the same sub.Estrin - Editor Lynzee Klingman - Editor Jon Hutman - Production Designer Walter Paul Martishius - Art Director Barbara Maltby - Co-producer Jake Eberts - Executive Producer Gretchen Rau - Set Designer Kathy O'Rear - Costume Designer Bernie Pollack - Costume Designer Elisabeth Leustig - Casting Anne Gordon - Animal Trainer/Wrangler Cast: Craig Sheffer - Norman Maclean Brad Pitt - Paul Maclean Tom Skerritt - Reverend Mac Lean Brenda Blethyn - Mrs. However, their romantic problems soon take a back seat to more pressing concerns.

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