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All funds for Minha Casa Minha Vida properties are provided by the Brazilian public bank, Caixa Econômica Federal.The bank finances development and provides mortgages for qualifying families.roads were unmade, often mere alleys, houses small and without foundations, subdivided and often around unpaved courts.

The government budget for the programme was R billion in 2010 and R.1 billion in 2011.

Recently, there has been a move toward the integration of public housing with market housing and other uses.

Revitalization plans for properties such as in the notorious Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and Regent Park, Lawrence Heights, and Alexandra Park in Toronto, aim to provide better accommodations for low-income residents, and connect them to the greater community.

Construction of the Boundary Estate was begun in 1890 by the Metropolitan Board of Works and completed by the recently formed London County Council in 1900.

The success of this project spurred many local councils to embark on similar construction schemes in the early 20th century.

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