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Her aristocratic mother Inna Stogova was a former member of the radical political group Narodnaya Volya (People's Will).The young Akhmatova knew French poets by heart as well as the Russians.Together they visited the Louvre and recited French poetry.Akhmatova's first poem appeared in 1907 in Gumilyov's journal Sinus.

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He is currently a member of the Kyrgyzistan's parlimanent and serves as his nation's ambassador to the European Union, NATO, UNESCO, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands and is based in Brussels. Anna Andreyevna Gorenko was born on 11 June 1889 near Odessa, her father Andrei Gorenko was a maritime engineer.

Aitmatov won two more State Prizes in 19, and was named a Hero of Socialist Labor in 1978.

A major theme in Aitmatov's work is the inequality among men and women in traditional central Asian society.

The first collection of Akhmatova's verse, Evening (Vecher, 1912), appeared under the pseudonym Anna Akhmatova, taken from her Tatar great-grandmother.

Hailed for its Acmeist clarity, conciseness, compressed style and precise details, the collection concurrently espoused the romantic concept of evening as a time of awakening for the sensitive young adult to life, love, and grief.

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