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I also only had about 20 people on that account, most of which are casual acquaintances and girls I met online, save 2 buddies from real life.

I'm tracing this bitch down and once I locate her profile on FC, going to post it here and report her to the FC admin.

Per accedere al sito è necessario registrarsi tramite la specifica scheda per poi ricevere, via email, la password personalizzata.Guys, be very careful about sharing your FB account with girls online. I had a friend who was scammed by trying to hook up with a Filipina online.It goes without saying that we MUST never give our real FB account to girls. if it can help just one guy avoid being blackmailed or worst, get his life ruined, then that thread will be a huge success as far as I'm concerned. She gave him the whole "I'm broke and I needmoney to support family/trip expenses/etc" The guy let her take advantage of him and he hadn't even met her yet. It's a premier tool for intelligence gathering and even if you do use Fakebook accounts it can potentially leave some hints about who you are. I have been advising guys to get off Facebook for years now.So, I've been on Filipino Cupid for about a month, more for fun and curiosity and boredom and pipelining for my next trip than anything.In about a month, I've been bombarded by emails and interests from girls, well over 1200 in total.

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