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Additionally, the system can detect “bots,” often operated by organized crime gangs, which create profiles and engage real members in automated scripted conversations designed to elicit payment.

Already, through its quality assurance methods, the site has identified 20,000 scammers who get permanently blocked from Cupid’s communities each month.

They will painstakingly craft a fake profile and begin targeting people that are looking for love.

Once they’ve made contact, they will typically request to move the conversation to a private instant messaging service.

Custer checked for Johnson’s photos and it looks like, right now, they aren’t anywhere else on the web.

But someone else does have them, and they could show up again in the future.

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“This decision has its high price tag, but the alternative can be much costlier,” he continued.In many cases, scammers will choose to use pictures of military personnel. Grisham set up a personal blog for soldiers to report their photo being used on online dating sites.After discovering that his headshot consistently showed in hoax dating profiles (thanks to a Google alert), Army Master Sgt. “Over the past few years, I’ve seen these scammers use all kinds of photos removed from open Facebook pages, blogs, official military websites, and command pages,” he wrote in a blog post last month.“We all accept a risk if we put our pictures and information out there,” said Custer.Johnson reported the fake profile, and on Tuesday it had been taken down by the company.

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