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One day, while Shinichi and Ran are at an amusement park, the pair become separated.

Shinichi catches wind of a dirty deal going down, and spies on a pair of men in dark trenchcoats.

And can't reveal his real identity, as it'll endanger the people he knows and will get chased by the 2 men in black who'll come to finish the job.

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His knowledge on mystery novels & soccer skills has made him a modern Sherlock Holmes.

And has helped out the police on the toughest cases. On one night however, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Where 2 men in black clothes were about to get their cover blown by Shinichi. Still have the brains of a sleuth, but no longer in the full grown body of Japan's favorite teen detective.

As the series progresses, Conan does what he can to become Shinichi Kudo again.

And will encounter many cases on Homocide, Suicide, Robbery, Child abduction, salvage, & terrorism.

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