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1837), a Irish trader among the Cherokee, whose mixed-blood daughter Nannie the Pain married Cherokee chief Doublehead (d. The great bulk of Brazil’s African slaves came from Angola and spoke the Angolan language called Malungin. -02.1647 Peter Coninck, j van Ochtorp, sold onder de Comp van Cap Ploos van Amstel ende Stijne Dietert, j van Stadloo ?? 92, Fleet, London, record group RG7, Public Record Office, London.

Recent DNA evidence has concluded that American melungeons are also of Sephardic Jewish and Moorish decent.[citation needed] Further information: Conversion table for Y chromosome haplogroups E1b1b and E1b1b1 are the currently accepted names found in the proposals of the Y Chromosome Consortium (YCC).[6] The nomenclature E3b (E-M215) and E3b1 (E-M35) respectively were the YCC defined names used to designate the same haplogroups All major sub-branches of E1b1b1 are thought to have originated in the same general area as the parent clade: in North Africa, East Africa, or nearby areas of the Near East. -10.1668 Jan Diettjens, j van Holte int lant van Cleve sold onder d'Heer commandoer alhier ende Aelttjen Baten, w van zal Jan tamboer onder d'Compie van zal Cap Hogeveen ?? / 29 7tbris / Baptizatus est henricus / parentes gerardus ditters et geske bongers / patrini arnoldus plettenburg henricus Joannes bongers assistens Joanna bongers Gerhardus (Gerardus) Ditters: 19-3-1734: RBS 762 (doopboek R. kerk Gendringen/Ulft): 1734 / 19 Martii / Baptizatus est Joannes Casparus / parentes gerardus ditters et aleida vennemans / patrini gerardus Joe~s wolters et gerarda vennemans . Ones these of these 2 men was by timeline, motive to leave to North America from England, DNA results to a degree of 90 % was the father of the George Teator of Kentucky and the Soldier in Alexander Bealls rangers as well as the 1760 1st Virginia Regiment, or they were one and the same man recorded twice George Fetter England and Wales Non-Conformist Record Indexes (RG4-8) Name George Fetter Event Type Marriage Marriage Date Marriage Place Fleet, London Affiliate Publication Number RG7_067 Citing this Record "England and Wales Non-Conformist Record Indexes (RG4-8), 1588-1977," database, Family Search ( FWXP-7Q8 : accessed 23 August 2015), George Fetter, , Marriage; citing p.

As you read on more evidence below shows one was George Teator who settled in Kentucky , the other his father Garrat Didricks George Teator the elder a Dutchman from New Amsterdam NY and New Jersey who came to Va with John Van Meterthe call to Rev. From "Historical Sketches and Reminiscences of an Octogenarian" by Thomas Preston Lewis, p. B., that is not a photocopy text, it is a transcript. Instead of 2 columns the names are given in 3, so the order is naturally different. 2 - Index T Tedrick, Angela NB:13 Tedrick, July FB:114 Teetter, Emmanuel HB:36 Polish Army in France Recruitment Records Tuder........... Of eleven children born to the parents of our subject, he is the eldest. Warrant for 50 acres issued April 3, 1780." [Kellog]--Thurm , 29 August 2015 (UTC) 1760 Botetourt County. -Gist's Company in the First Virginia Regiment in 1760.

19: The full list of the 138 signatures to this call was given by Governor David Campbell, November 12, 1851, to the Rev. This is NO "George Feater" there is a "George Feator", but there is only ONE. These duplicate are significant because in Lewis list they surround one of the George Feators. --Jrich , 22 August 2015 (UTC) Another listing of the signers at compares three source lists, again with only ONE George Teetor/Teator/Feator.--Thurm , 23 August 2015 (UTC) The DNA latest results for the male Teaters of Garrard Kentucky are consistent with the history of Garraet and Hans Titersen Tieter Deadericks early dutch miitary officers explorers of New York and New Jersey. I suspect Claiborne Teator may not have all the facts straight.--Thurm , 28 August 2015 (UTC) -French and Indian War Account Books vol. Charles Allison -proved his discharge, Bockstruck, 196 NOTE it would of been near impossible for George Teator to have rode from clarks station KY to Botetourt 700 miles round trip on the coldest winter recorded in history and his wife far pregnant with soon come baby Parris M Teator Parris Teater was born March 1780. War pension application said his father moved from Botetourt Co VA to KY in 1779.

Some information located in this notebook was was originally located here, and presented in the context of answering this specific problem. Alsace remained part of the German Empire until 1918, when it was awarded to France after World War I. Your search - TITTER - did not match any documents. Bergh_Landdrostambt_Civiel_(PDF) ..van Aaltje Aalbers - Jan Dycker, weduwnaar van Aaltje Aalbers Dr. Teator, one of the pioneers of Independence Township, dates his settlement at his present residence in 1853. Teator is a native of Kentucky, born in Girard County, June 7, 1804.

DNA evidence can be highly helpful in solving many problems. History of Lorraine 843 After the Treaty of Verdun, Charlemagne's Empire was split, the "Middle Kingdom" including Lorraine was allotted to the Emperor Lothaire 870 After the Treaty of Meersen, the "Middle Kingdom" was divided, the majority of the territory of Lorraine came under West Frankish sovereignty, the remaining areas passed back and forth between Frankish and German kings 951 Duchy of Lower Lorraine went to Netherlands and lost the name of Lorraine; Duchy of Upper Lorraine retained its name, was largely independent with some cities being vassals of France, some unimportant towns were vassals of the German Empire 1473 After the Treaty of Nancy, Charles of Burgundy became the "protector" of Lorraine, aligned with France; the Bishops of Toul, Metz and Verdun were ecclesiastical princes of the Holy Roman Empire 1476 Upon the death of Charles of Burgundy, Lorraine became and independent Duchy under Duke Renee, aligned to France with some cities subordinate to the Duchy 1542 After the Convention of Nuremburg, Duke Anthony (heir to Renee) confirmed the independence of Lorraine, refused to submit to the German Emperor; Anthony's brothers were French, his daughter-in-law was a niece of the Emperor 1546 Duchy placed under French Bishops's guardianship due to the death of Anthony's heir, leaving a widow who was related to the Hapsburgs and a young son; Metz, Toul and Verdun came under the French bishopric in 1552 1632 During the Thirty Years' War, Duke Charles IV was forced to cede much of Lorraine (except Nancy) to French King Louis XIII 1646 The Treaty of Westphalia after the Thirty Years' War confirmed France in possession of Metz, Toul and Verdun, other sections of Lorraine not specified 1659 After the Treaty of the Pyrenees, land was restored to Charles IV, but with diminished power 1679 After the Treaty of Nimwegen, Louis XIV of France demanded terms in exchange for recognizing Charles V as Duke of Lorraine; Louis began incorporating ten cities into France and assuming control of Lorraine; Duke Charles remained in exile in Austria with his Austrian wife 1697 After the Treaty of Ryswick, Duke Leopold compromised with Louis XIV, held the title of Duke but surrendered much authority; Leopold was German-Austrian First "Swabian Migration" under Habsburg King Charles VI 1718-1737 1738 After the Treaty of Vienna, Duke Franz, who had married Maria Theresa (Habsburg) ceded Lorraine to Louis XIV, in exchange for Tuscany; Stanislaus, a deposed King of Poland, was named titular Duke for life Second "Swabian Migration" under Habsburg Queen Maria Theresa 1740-1772 Third "Swabian Migration" under Habsburg King Joseph V 1780-1790 1793 Feudal estates and fiefs incorporated into the French Republic, named departments of Meurthe, Meuse, Vosges and Moselle (included German Lorraine and Pays Messin 1871 After the Treaty of Frankfort, Moselle (including German Lorraine, the city of Metz and Pays Messin) were ceded to the German Empire Lorraine remained part of the G Germany Home Page Your search - DIEDER - did not match any documents Your search - DIDIER - did not match any documents Detter, Nicolaus ... Your search - TETOR - did not match any documents Your search - TEATER - did not match any documents. Your search - TEDDER - did not match any documents. Hendrick Abbinck - Kapittel te Emmerik Dederick Elverdonck - Gerrit Abelen, burgemeester Erfgenamen van Gertruit van Ewick, weduwe ... Borculo_Stads_of_Landgericht_Civiel_Procesdossiers_1635-1722(PDF) ...khuis Berent ter Brugge contra Henricus Meiling Aelbert Buelinck contra Marcus Christian Fiscus contra Jhr. Diderick van Bulo contra Johan Grothe Veldinck Jhr. His father, Paris Teator, was the thirteenth white child born in the State of Kentucky, and first saw the light of day March 26, 1780, in the fort which stood on the present site of Danville, Boyle County.

Likewise, the disappearance of "George Teater" from the records of Southwest Virginia is coincident with the appearance of a "George Teater" in Kentucky. -02.1647 Peter Coninck, j van Ochtorp, sold onder de Comp van Cap Ploos van Amstel ende Stijne Dietert, j van Stadloo ?? Doesburg_Stad_(PDF) ..Buelinck Busker Charles Claessen van Drolst Coesvelt Cornelis Cornelis Crayenvanger Crop Crop Dam Deakers Diederich Diets Dorth tot Bruinsveldt Driessen Drijver Drolst Dulmondt Corn. Zuilen van Natewisch en Jacob Muijs Johan Schaep Burg. Zoeken Zoekwoord: Om het even welk woord Alle woorden Exacte zin weergave: Zoekwoord dideriks Er werden 4 resultaten gevonden. en Mechteld Wals en Jenneken Bolderman, dogter van Gerrit Bolderman en Hendrika Dideriks. Teator’s “grandfather Teator, , settled in Lincoln, now - Boyle, Co., Ky., in a fort …

THE TERM MELUNGIN was used by this Kitchen and close friends in the church minutes Drumgoole was a descendant of Alexander Drumgoole (d. She is credited with popularizing many elements of the Melungeon legend at a time when her cohorts among New York travel writers were inventing “hillbillies.” The term Melungeon is also used in Brazilian history to refer to settlements by Portuguese Jews and Moorish adventurers among Amerindians of the Wild Coast in South America, which contained some of the first Jewish colonies in the New World — again, the Sephardic element. ƒ 8000,-; verbonden hun erven en goederen Velhorst genaamd, Scholtambt Lochem, boerschap Klein Dochteren, BREDEVOORT Trouwboek periode 1736-1833 zijn bij ons in wettige ondertrouw opgenomen Nicolaas Diederich uijt Frankenland sold. -02.1647 Koop Henricx, uitt Vrageren w zal Geerten ten Lintum, sold onder de Comp van Cap Coenders ende Willemken Dieperinck, uitt Vrageren w z Berent Rentinck, sold onder de Comp van Cap (Huijningx) tot Groll ?? As where the signers to the Call of Rev Cummings George Tetter England and Wales Non-Conformist Record Indexes (RG4-8) Name George Tetter Event Type Marriage Affiliate Publication Number RG7_062 Citing this Record "England and Wales Non-Conformist Record Indexes (RG4-8), 1588-1977," database, Family Search ( FQWK-KPT : accessed 23 August 2015), George Tetter, , Marriage; citing p.Underhill "misimpression regarding the origin and complex history of this haplogroup", which has pervaded the public and media.[Note 6] In Europe, E-M81 is found everywhere but mostly in the Iberian Peninsula, where unlike in the rest of Europe[Note 13] it is more common than E-M78, with an average frequency of 4-5.6%, Recent research suggests that E-M81 in Iberia and some other regions of Atlantic Europe resulted from pre-Neolithic Eurasian Berber migrations from North-west Africa. -09.1679 Aelert Waltje, en Jenniken Dierckinck Hendrick Cock, soldaet onder de Compagnie van de Heer Granatjeer - Aeltjen Deekinck, nd van Hendrick Deekinck, copulati (3den Dec.) ?? / Baptizatus est wilhelmus / parentes gerardus dijtters et aleijda eggincks / Patrini Joannes overkamp [Johannes Casparus (Joannes Casparus) Ditters: 19-3-1734: RBS 762 (doopboek R. kerk Gendringen/Ulft): 1734 / 19 Martii / Baptizatus est Joannes Casparus / parentes Gerardus Ditters et aleida vennemans / patrini gerardus Joe~s wolters et gerarda vennemans Hendricus (Henricus) Ditters: 29-9-1746: RBS 762 (doopboek R. THIS IS HOW THE TEETERS ENDED UP IN THE PALATINE STATES Palatinate campaign In May 1620 James I was being strongly urged by popular opinion to defend the Protestant cause of his son-in-law, Frederick V, Elector Palatine. 62, Fleet, London, record group RG7, Public Record Office, London.--Parris , 23 August 2015 (UTC) I hope We Relate can obtain a better readable copy from the Draper manuscripts in volume 11 CC, The copy I have is faded cant read all of it.As a result of its old world distribution, this sub-clade is found throughout Latin America, for example 6.1% in Cuba,[29] 5.4% in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), [Note 14] and among Hispanic men from California and Hawaii 2.4%.[30] In a 568 person study in Iberia, Flores et al. 29 in de reeks Bronnen van het Algemeen Historisch Archief) – pag. 29 in de reeks Bronnen van het Algemeen Historisch Archief) – pag. Zoekwoord van meter Er werden 1428 resultaten gevonden. -11.1680 Hendrick Luitman, ns van Hendrick Luitman van Bremen en Berentjen Hendricks, nd van Hendrick Dierkinck wonende beijde alhier, copulati alhier------------------------ LUTMAN AND DIETER LINE Wilhelmus (Wilhelmus) Dijtters: 27-2-1735: RBS 762 (doopboek R. He allowed Count Dohna, the Palatine envoy, to levy a body of volunteers at his own cost, and to appeal for funds. Shanes interview on the George Teator KY, best is his father came to Spotsylvaia by way of New Jersey.The same people were often called Portuguese in colonial Virginia and Carolina records. Burr Harrison by order to receive his pay.” This entry may -indicate a debt owed, The page numbers given in the last column are to the Fincastle Entry Book. Due proof was made to the Court that George Teator was appointed a sergeant in Col. A certificate issued before and is supposed to have been lost. When we arrived at the district of Kentucky we settled near where Danville now stands.A connection between the two lies in the Sephardic Jewish, or Marrano, merchants who settled in the Dutch Republic following its independence from Spain, who called themselves, ambiguously, gente del linaje, or homens da nação, or “Hebrews of the Portuguese Nation." They streamed into Britain, and thence to America, beginning with the mission of Amsterdam chief rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel to readmit Jews to England under Oliver Cromwell.[5] The first known use of the word Melungeon in U. records (“Melungin”) occurs in the minutes of the Primitive Baptist Church of Stony Creek, Tennessee, in 1813, where it is applied to certain “irregular” members with the surnames Minor, Gibson, and Collins who fraternized with the neighbors like the Sizemores (Cismar), a mixed Portuguese, Jewish, and American Indian family, on Blackwater Creek. Harrison, Burr, decd SC 3 Heirs S of Knob Lick 40 LOOK HERE Teator’s “grandfather Teator, , settled in Lincoln, now - Boyle, Co., Ky., in a fort In Augusta County VA Court records appears the following: “At a court held for Kentucky Co. Byrd’s Regiment in the year 1761, and continued such until he was regularly discharged, that he had obtained his right to land under the King of Great Britain’s proclamation in 1763 nor made proof of his right in any other county court. In the year 1780, there was a Company of Militia called for to go to where Bryants Station was and to guard the same against assault of the Indians and the British who were supposed to be at that time in that neighborhood.

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