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This app shows you when you’ve walked near someone else who is also using it – much more immediate than some other apps. – to the personal massager and intimacy kits (think condoms and lube) in hotel rooms, if you want a hook-up (aka a one-night stand), this city is ready for you. Plus, no joint bank accounts means I don’t need to ask permission from someone to go to Tiffany’s – although, better keep those options open.

On Saturday I go to a brunch in Brooklyn hosted by Sarah Hull, who co-wrote the new edition of the Rough Guide To New York City. Brett David, who runs Rochelle’s, tells me: ‘NYC has a huge demographic of young single people, both in their twenties and thirties.

For arty types, pop to the Whitney or Museum of Modern Art.It was raining hard during the ceremony but it was a small wedding and no one was bothered by the weather, or the half mile hike up a muddy trail to the Gazebo where Steve and Sabrina had a wonderful simple ceremony.Online Dating Edge, featuring Alexander Stone and Stephen David, provides online dating advice and consulting (including dating profile critiques), workshops and seminars on dating and relationships as well as individual phone consultations on all dating topics. Amy’s a bit like me in that she is actively looking to meet someone.She’s very matter-of-fact, knows what she wants and isn’t prepared to compromise.

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