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All proposals are judged on their merits, and awards are made accordingly.

The best approach is to send them a copy of your statement or otherwise discuss the project with them ahead of the deadline.

You can talk to just men, just women or gays – it’s really a question of what you prefer.

Instructions will be provided with notification of an award.

No, the proposal will not be available to the letter writers at that time.

Further information about the IASH, including current research themes, is available at What constitutes “work of doctoral character and quality”?

Will my letter writers see my proposal when they log in to the portal?

Must I wait until the letters have been received before submitting my application?

No, you may submit the application as soon as you are finished with it.

The Institute has close links with all academic schools within the University of Edinburgh's College of Humanities and Social Science, and fellows are encouraged to develop contacts with appropriate faculty within the College.

(if I do not have publications of doctoral character and quality)?

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