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Angie says that she and Morgan’s father, Matt, had only let Morgan go to the park without them once or twice.

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But when Bella fell asleep on the floor, Morgan changed her mind.As they walked alongside the highway, Anissa says she became disenchanted and homesick. Now that they’d sacrificed in his honor, they would go live with Slender in his mansion, forever.That’s when Anissa recalls she had a “nervous breakdown, and blamed Morgan for everything.” Morgan began to pray: “Slender, if you’re listening, please help us.” Cars whizzed by. Prior to that moment, violent crime in Waukesha was basically non-existent.On her Google Plus page, she Liked videos such as one in which a cat slowly beats to death a live mouse, and reposted a tutorial on how to kill someone with the wrong end of a lollipop (jam it into their eyes, their neck, all the soft spots).She also posted multiple “psychopath tests,” which she had taken and, according to her captions, failed (meaning she scored positive for psychopathy).

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