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Most people who do online dating have profiles on more than one site.

It's a pretty good bet he still has other profiles elsewhere. But I really do have a hard time believing that he's this scumbag, he's just so harmless and polite in every other way.

My feeling is that it shows that maybe I don't mean so much to him and am not as important to him as he is to me.Your friend decided it was a good idea to tell you something that really is none of her business.So, instead of picking up the phone and making a call to meet him and ask him about it you chose to reactivate your profile to "confront" him. Just because YOU decided YOU are exclusive does not mean HE IS unless HE has specifically said "we are exclusive". If he was into you, he would have deleted his profile as you deleted yours.If his case is like burgler's, how do I know he's telling the truth/how would I regain trust?I'm in a relationship right now, and yeah I could see how that would happen.

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