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Although these criticisms are directed toward the cultural, political, and social systems of the Asian country and not at the adoptees themselves or their American adoptive parents, this gender imbalance continues to be a point of controversy for all parties involved in the adoption process.

In recent years and despite the 1993 passage of the , there have been numerous suspicions and controversies regarding child trafficking and whether or not the status of these Asian children as orphans is valid.

During this time, several Asian countries experienced political and/or economic upheavals that resulted in the worsening of living conditions for many of their citizens, particularly poor, working class, or rural families.

Within this colorblind approach, many adoptive parents consciously or unconsciously feared that acknowledging racial differences might interfere with the process of integrating their child into their family and their community.Also, as shown in the State Department statistics, perhaps the most notable trend in recent years is the significant increase of adoptions from African countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, Liberia, and Ghana.The vast majority of these Asian adoptees have been and continue to be girls and this has led to one of the criticisms surrounding such Asian adoptions.S., they are still much better off materially and even emotionally than if they stayed in their orphaned situations back in the country of origin.On the other hand, critics of interracial adoption argue that American political, economic, and military policies through the decades contributed to the push conditions that many Asian countries face.

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